Foodbank have difficulties staying open and carry their mission safely. But now more than before their help is needed by many.

In Belgium, the red cross had to close its operation for safety concerns. The solution put in place is a call center where volunteers call back people in need of food and enter their order in a spreadsheet share with food distribution center.

This inspired us to use our coding skills for good and provide this prototype.

What it does

This allows food banks to operate while keeping social distancing possible.

It uses Wix booking to settle online appointments (via Wix's zoom integration) During the appointment, the social worker assess applicant situation (family, income) and creates an account for the beneficiary. Once the account created, the beneficiary will receive a fixed amount of money (as a coupon) each week. This coupon can be used to shop online. If the beneficiary runs out of money, he can still purchase food via online payment or pay cash at delivery. Only the remaining cost will be charged.

It also has an on behalf checkout allowing social worker to shop and order in place of a beneficiary. This will allow helping people with low IT skill or less capacities to be on the platform as well.

Aid is temporary and is available for 1 to 12 weeks maximum. Coupons are reset automatically every Monday.

How I built it

The centerpieces of this prototype are Wix Store and Wix coupons API.

Wix store does all the heavy lifting for the store experience (online product list & management). Only the checkout is customized thanks to the new createOrder API.

How to test

Create your own beneficiary account on create test account

Challenges I ran into

I found an issue with the new createOrder API not working correctly with events.js but that has been reported and a workaround has been put in place.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

I managed to do all the coding in 2,5 days of work (the design was pre made). I also used MobX as state management which is a nice addition to Wix and I will continue to use it for my next project.

What I learned

Working with the Store API and ecoSystem

What's next for

I think the project has the potential to help communities, I will try to find sponsors to develop it into a fully functional app

Built With

  • wixbooking
  • wixcoupon
  • wixdata
  • wixjobscheduler
  • wixstore
  • wixtriggeremail
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