When determining our team’s strengths, it was found that 4/5 of the team had background in programming and/or web design. As such, and especially due to the hardware constraints, a stroke of inspiration came out of browsing available API’s at the time. It was the Brewery DB API that piqued our team’s interest, as the rise of craft beers, etc. has created reasonable demand for such a service. We also saw use in the API using that to further the idea for grander features.

What it does

Our website is a tool to help navigate the complex world of Beer and Wine. With this website you can put in some starting information and it will recommend you beer or wine with statistics about the chosen option.

How we built it

We built this website using a web framework called flask. With this we could use python to manage api calls to and breweryDB then integrating that with an html template file were able to make a webpage that could access both api's.

Challenges we ran into

One of the biggest challenges we had was that the API's we had were very powerful, but the documentation was complex and light on certain information. This caused lots of time to be spent on finding out the most effective way to utilize the api's and understanding the functions we were calling.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Given that this is our first hackathon event we have attended we are happy to have developed an idea and developed it into a starting prototype with actual and tangible results showing off our variegated skills.

What we learned

We learned bits about html, css and python from each other by working together as a team. We also learned about how to interact and utilize data from api's as well as integrating python into html.

What's next for Pour Me A Drink

Our team’s skills allowed us to capitalize on the construction of a website. Given time, a mobile application can be made. Should we end up moving forward, additional functionality in terms of search preference and user interfacing will be enacted.

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