: I ran into the contest a little closer to the deadline, But what pulled me towards it was the challenge it had. I checked out the previous contestants and was awestruck by their work. That was push that I needed. And also I need a break from my current work project.

What it does

Its basically an app that tracks the budget, sets it, and have an eye on the in and out flow of cash. Also Pouch Ducat is smartly Designed to show case the advertisements using the trnql Smart Sensors, This means that it carefully displays the advertisements to its users with a very high probability of the user clicking it. Why? Cause the app also considers his budget and the ad to be displayed considering the various external factors( like climatic conditions, his activity etc.) that creates a latten need to the user.

How we built it

In any software the database is the heart that pumps digital life in it. So i started with the database. Discussed the database and its application with my peers, modified it till it was perfect and each query could be allowed in the DB. Once that was done we proceeded with the designs. Coding wise: Models were created, Selected an ORM for android tested it, Designed screens and UI, after the crude designing phase considering the less time we made sure we have the basic functionalities ready. From then its the Usual EAT SLEEP CODE REPEAT.

Challenges I ran into

ORM used was relatively nascent and unstable thus when i integrated with TRNQL lib it was troublesome I ran into the 64k limit at the very end of my deadline and thus it was a taxing task to make amends at the last moment

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

The journey of the app from a flicker of imagination to playstore entity within a short span of time, this makes me wonder t the marvel of technologies and libraries.

What I learned

It is never to late to start.

What's next for Pouch Ducat

A load many things that I was not unable to add in the short span of time. To start of adding the bank accounts to his wallet to know the flow of cash from his accounts.using API hooks Auto deduction of cash from transnational texts.(In case API hooks are not available) Purchase deduction reminders from the stores and various activities using the smart location and places. Reminders to collect the cash of money landed to a friend and vice versa. Email option to sent the statement to his account. It may also be used as a app within an organization with e-money and reimburse every month thus saving paperwork.

Built With

  • appcompat-libraries
  • butter-knife
  • clans-fab-icons
  • sugar-orm
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