What's funnier than poop? At the time, the idea was hilarious. After 36 hours, well, it's a little 'poopy'... but it's still funny.

What it does

Users can upload and swipe on their favorite turds. After swiping, the app will generate a profile for the type of poop you like, so you can discover your taste!

How we built it

For our frontend we used Svelte/Sapper + TailwindCSS. For our backend, we used Cloud functions. We called our poo protocol for transferring messages about poop, POOP for short.

For user authentication, we used Firebase Auth -- what a fantastic time saver! For data-storage, we used Firebase Firestore.

To host the frontend server, we used Google Cloud Engine.

Challenges we ran into

Design isn't our particular forte. We're sort of old now and a bit pooped. 36 hours is much rougher than I remember it being. This devpost author is relieving stress through bad puns.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

3 people who like backend and 1 nasty frontend:) Some of Alan's pages looked quite professional We learned Svelte for the first time, and it was pretty solid We also learned tailwind for the first time, and probably should have stuck with Bootstrap (or poopstrap?) :)

We also found out how great Firebase is at saving time. Authentication systems are always annoying, but Firebase auth helped remove a lot of that onus.

What we learned

New tech. Teamwork. Pictures of poop get old pretty quick.

What's next for

  1. Naming poop profiles -- who cares about personality tests when their shit-taste is shit taste.
  2. Adding machine learning in the form of a random generator...
  3. Actually using machine learning to show poops that people like.
  4. Using machine learning to generate images of poop!

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