It can be easy to forget to take care of yourself. Learning how to take care of plants is a relaxing, mindful way to center yourself and relieve stress. Potosu is the Japanese word for Pothos, a house plant that is usually the very first that a beginner plant parent buys because of how easy it is to take care of. It is beloved by many (including us) and we wanted to portray that exciting feeling of getting started in plant care, and make it easier for those just starting out as well as those who already love taking care of plants.

What it does

This web app allows users a way of tracking each of their plants' different watering schedules, with a big reminder of when the next closest watering session is. We've also made it possible to share your plant's growth and progress via Facebook!

How we built it

This app has been created using React with a local JSON database, with wireframing done in Figma. All the artwork is original and done by us!

Challenges we ran into

Not a single member of our team had used React or Figma before, and this was also the first time we were making a backend for a project! We looked at this as a fun and valuable learning experience to get familiar with these widely used tools. Being able to manipulate values while keeping the compartmentalized nature of React was challenging, but we slowly started to understand more as the weekend went on. Additionally, learning how to use layers, frames and groups in Figma was a new challenge that was very rewarding.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Overall we are so proud of what we've done! From having no understanding of the multiple tools we used to creating our web app has definitely been a big accomplishment. We are also really proud of how we documented our way through the process of making this website and planning out which features should be part of the MVP vs which ones we could add later on. All of us have learnt so many new things this weekend and are excited for further iterations of Potosu!

What we learned

React, Javascript, Figma

What's next for Potosu

We're thinking about expanding this idea to a mobile app in the future, and adding more ways to share your journey as a plant parent!

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