Majority of people, including us, have driven through rough roads that have been ruined with potholes. Especially, in the city of Knoxville where we experience it the most, so we want to usher for a change of better road conditions. It is an important matter because of its' potential dangers towards not only the cars but also the citizen's lives.

What it does

This web app has a home page that contains a list of work orders and reports the public or other workers describe, while also having a navigation bar at the bottom to access the other features. One of our features is being able to report a pothole that requires an address, a picture, a brief description, and rating its priority to getting fixed based on the severity. Another feature is accessing a navigation page that will aid the worker in efficiently routing out those reports so the potholes can be verified and/or fixed. Not only that but we have another page that can access the filled out work orders for workers to read and verify.

How we built it

We used the ionic as our app development platform for the framework. Then, we used HTML, typescript, and SCSS for the front-end of our app, such as user-interface and designing the app. For our back-end, we used Google Firebase to store and to grab the inputs and the work orders for our app.

Challenges we ran into

The challenges we ran into was the learning curve we had for coding the app. It was our first time using Ionic as a framework. We had to learn how to use HTML, typescript, SCSS, and other new languages to program the framework and functionality for our app.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We are proud of being able to finish majority of the app, despite the learning curve. Another accomplishment we are proud of is being able to implement the device's camera and Google Maps APIs for our idea.

What we learned

We learned new programming languages, such as Angular, and how to use frameworks and platforms such as Ionic and Google Firebase. We also learned how to efficiently plan an app with detailed diagrams of app pages and stack.

What's next for Potify

We hope to expand this product to help more cities with their road conditions, as well as create a better application for other devices such as tablets and desktop computers. Furthermore, we hope to expand the database and even change the type of database in order to improve the performance of the app.

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