Potholes of B'More

Welcome to Potholes of B'More, my (Andrew Fan/Sparen of Iría) tentative submission for HopHacks Fall 2015, held from Sept 11 to Sept 13 at Johns Hopkins University.

This hack is a (currently) non-interactive web based tool that marks years worth of Baltimore City Pothole Data (see: Baltimore City Open Data) on a map using Google Maps's API, from most recent to oldest. The possibilities this project offers in terms of comparisons and correlations to income levels, housing density, and the like in the City of Baltimore are quite broad and it may have significant uses in the future depending on which features are implemented.


Unfortunately, this repo is closed to contributors as it is for a hackathon. After the hackathon has ended, it may be repurposed or may stay here. Feel free to fork it after Sept 13, 2015.

Questions and Comments

If you have a question or comment, feel free to post it as an issue or send me a PM via DevPost.

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