First, you have to know that we had very much troubles finding a good project to work on. The one that occupied us for most of saturday evening was a personal assistant that was, primarily, supposed to give you the most adaptated itinerary according to the weather and pollution. Then it evolved in an assistant that could find anything you could need around you (like cinema, coffee, restaurant, ...). The problem is that we soon realized that google maps was more than enough to do both. We were in a desperate situation and almost gave up. But then everything changed around 2 AM. Alexandre spoke about crow's nest. Then Robin had the idea of an collaborative application about it. We began coding and stopped just before the dead-line.

What it does

Right now the application has two main functionalities : the reporting of a crow's nest that is sent to a database and the displaying of an heat-map based on the number of potholes in an area.

How we built it

To build this application, we used android studio and the google maps API.

Challenges we ran into

The main problem we ran into was a misunderstanding of the position system that blocked our progression for quite a while. But as soon as we understood our mistake, the application worked well very fast !

Accomplishments that we're proud of

The application is working, and could be already used.

What we learned

That you can stay effective without sleep. (with enough coffe...).

What's next for Potholes Go

We're planning some big improvements for the future. First, we think that adding a score system and a leaderboard would greatly increase the involvement of the people. Then the principle of our application can be applied to many other city problems for example tags hunt, ice on the street...

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