potholes # bumpy and uneven roads

Driving down a road in an awful state is not only annoying, but it can also damage your car. With this mobile app, you can now see where the potholes, uneven roads, and other different types of horrible road conditions are as well as how severe each case is. This way, a driver can plan around the inconveniences and have a better driving experience.

Not only is this app useful to the everyday user, it can also be helpful to the government. Government officials can utilize this app to see where the worst roads are, eliminating the time required to physically go out and search for potholes.

Data points are gathered through crowdsourcing. Users can click on each point and see what type of road condition has been marked at that location. Points are also rated by severity (1-10): a blue marker represents a fair condition (1-3), an orange marker represents a moderate condition (4-7), and a red marker represents a sever condition (8-10).

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