I have been interested in how long and when I should take a sleep for a long time and repeated trial and error. For example, I have tried too short sleep and upset my health several times. I think it is difficult and not accurate to judge from the experience.

What it does

  • Now we can know ideal conditions of sleep, thanks to DNA information of AWAKENS, Inc.
  • Adding to that, this web application calculate WHAT TIME you should go to bed and get up and display that in a pie chart.

How I built it

  • This web app calculates duration of sleep using "Sleep duration" scope of GENOME LINK API and the contents of the article of National Sleep Foundation as reference.
  • This web app calculates exact time of sleep using "Morning person" scope of GENOME LINK API and asking what time a user usually has to get up.
  • "Excessive daytime sleepiness" scope is also used for proposal of having a nap.
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