1. Female armor sucks -
  2. Facemash by Mark Zuckerberg

What it does

  • It crowdsources both questions as well as items (pictures for starters) to be voted on, and creates a ranking of the items voted on.
    • E.g. Which of these two pictures of female armor is stupidly impractical?
  • It then translates those votes to things those pictures are associated with, and rank those too.
    • E.g. Based on the voting above, which games have the most stupidly impractical female armor?
  • It then ... translates those votes to new things the original things are associated with...
    • E.g. Which developers make games that have the most stupidly impractical female armor?

How we built it

We hacked all night.

  • Just kidding (though true). Well it's a web app built on Ruby on Rails, so we basically split it up to front end and back end, and then split up the different features, and each worked on that, with some overlap here and there. Pretty standard stuff for a web app.

Challenges we ran into

  • The rating algorithm to be used. Sure - The Social Network claims that face mash uses Elo, but implementing it in a system with many candidates with uneven numbers of votes, with ratings that should stabilize after some time, and that should not be affected by newly uploaded candidates... yeah - it's complicated.
  • The matching algorithm - not too bad.
  • Making the whole thing very crowd-sourcy - allowing users to add pictures linked to things which can further link to things.
  • How to make sure the possibility for 'virality' is implemented properly

Accomplishments that we're proud of

  • See Challenges.
  • Mobile friendliness.

What we learned

  • See Challenges
  • More Ruby on Rails
  • Working as a team - git pull push + work division + getting everyone set up (Damn you Vagrant! Love you Vagrant!)
  • Basic SCRUMming

What's next for Potaytahto

  • We're probably going to launch the site proper and see where it goes.
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