As programmers, we can easily lose track of our time and lose ourselves in our works, often forgetting to take a break. Such unhealthy habits can contribute to harmful routines. This is why we thought about creating some child-like competition between and within teams that would encourage employees to take their mind off work.


Aesthetic and Simplicity: Duolingo. The attractiveness of activities when a group is involved. How activities during stressful times can be energizing!

What it does

This app allows users to play a game where their goal is to level-up starting from couch-potato all the way to a glorious poutine. How to level-up? The user accumulates points by participating in team and individual activities in between work. By levelling-up, they unlock badges that would allow them to initiate more competitive and team-driven interactions.

How WE built it

Rigorous Prototyping using Adobe XD. React Native using Expo. A Node.js aided by Express.js for the back-end. Designed the database schema on MySQL and hosted on Azure Cloud. Use of stored procedures to retrieve data.

Challenges WE ran into

Authentication: Technologies that were well documented could not be used with expo (i.e Firebase). Server-side Setup: Unfamiliar stack

Accomplishments that we are proud of

The design process was thorough and inter-disciplinary team members.

What WE learned

Everything! Using React Native, setting up a database with a node.js server.

What's next for PotatoKingdom

We will definitely continue to develop this POC as we would like to fine-tune our idea.

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