When I set out to start making this game, I just wanted to make a simple but fast-paced physics game.

What it does

It is a game created in Unreal Engine 4 that leverages the physics system along with other components such as AI to create a physics parkour-like game. It can measure your velocity and times the person playing to see how fast they can complete a level. You can imagine the white robots as potatoes as I couldn't find a 3D model of a potato I could properly use.

How I built it

The entire game was built in Unreal Engine 4. The majority of code is run using Blueprints (Unreal Engine's equivalent of visual coding). I didn't have enough time to convert it to C++.

Challenges I ran into

The map-making process was very tedious, as I had to lay out each wall and floor precisely. Another problem was the AI, as I wasn't fairly experienced in making AI.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Something I feel accomplished about making this project is the whole grappling hook system. I adapted it from other developers to support animations and allow more tweaking of how the hook behaves. Although I stated that the AI was a challenge, I felt pretty accomplished on how it turned out afterward.

What I've learned

A few things I learned from this. I figured out to make a simple vision-based AI that can follow and jump towards the player. I learned how to effectively use the physics system to create the grappling hook.

What's next for Potato Swinger

Although there are just 2 levels, it is really easy to add new ones to the level select. There could also be more interesting features added like moving elements in a level, although that would need a rework on the grappling hook system. I could also move all the blueprint code to C++ which would give a considerable performance boost.

Note From the Video

Although I tried my best to go for the 3-minute mark on the video, there were a few things I didn't completely explain. The AI system (which operated on a behavior tree) would actively move around the robots and attempt to try and catch you by building up a short attack and then leaping towards you. If they came in close proximity, you would lose 25% percent of health, so you could only take 4 hits.

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