Studying can be considered tedious for many students and we often find ourselves with low motivation to study and keep up with our schoolwork. By implementing a rewards program that promotes educational development, students can become more prosperous in their education, health and finance.

What it does

Potato is an educational rewards program that grants you a chance to earn points and credits through a variety of options. Partnering with your local school, you can complete problem sets that are selected from your very own professor and review for your courses to help reinforce concepts learned in class. Each problem set completed will grant you 5 points in the rewards program of your choice along with additional points for calories burned to promote healthy and educational behavior.

How we built it

We built Potato using Swift.

Challenges we ran into

Incorporating healthkit into the app, using Google datastore

Accomplishments that we're proud of

A well-polished and functional iOS application

What we learned

Table view controllers and tab bar view controllers.

What's next for Potato

Reaching out and getting support from companies to add a larger rewards system and to add more incentives for students to study and exercise.

Built With

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