During this Covid-19 era, many of us spend most of our days hunched over a desk, leaning forward looking at a computer screen, or slumped down in our chair. If you’re like me, you’re only reminded of your bad posture when your neck or shoulders hurt hours later, or you have a splitting migraine. These problems appear gradually if the person repeatedly assumes incorrect postures for a prolonged period. Can we design a technology that can alarm or monitor us while we spent our time in front of our computers?

What it does

Posturino (Posture Monitoring Background application along with wearable IoT device) The AI-powered application will monitor you in the background and alarm you if you do not maintain a good posture. Our Team has created a posture web app as well as a wearable IoT device for the people who are doing day-to-day works besides sitting in front of the computer. Tech Stack Platform- Background application python script Technology- Artificial Intelligence and IOT for the wearable hardware device

How we built it

This project will first work on a real-time monitoring system and a Posture corrector alarming system. This project is for the "work from home" people and for creating an IoT wearable device that will help them correct their posture when performing other tasks rather than sitting in front of the computer. A machine learning model that identifies the user's face and the face's area. If the user leans towards their computer, their face will appear larger in the web camera. Therefore by measuring the change in the face's size, we can determine posture. In addition, by tracking the face's displacement, we can determine if the user is leaning left or right.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Social and Environmental Impact Almost 80 percent of people have bad sitting posture. It's like we are going backward in Evolution. We are spending more time in front of the computers resulting in an Increase in sitting in bad posture which can lead to a lot of health issues. The most common that happens is a The misaligned spinal cord causes an impaired range of motion and pain around several joints of the body and chronic headaches.

What we learned

What's next for POSTURINO

We plan to further, validate our ML-based approach in corporate and automotive scenarios by deploying multiple software in offices and cars to track worker and driver sitting posture for multiple days using our AI-based approach and evaluate its effect on overall well-being.

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