Most of our work is done over long periods of time on the computer. We want to improve our posture while we work on the computer.

What it does

With the combination of your webcam and machine learning, we estimate your posture in real-time and provide alerts to improve your posture.

How we built it

With your permission, we capture live frames through your webcam and send the images to a pre-trained machine learning model directly in the browser and estimate human poses in real-time. We use the coordinates from the eyes, ears, nose, and shoulders. Using all these points, with the help of advanced mathematical calculation we were able to detect what makes a person slouch.

Challenges we ran into

We first started to implement PostureML as a Chrome Extension that would run in the background of your browser. we had issues running Tensorflow.js

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We're able to estimate when the user's posture is bad and can provide alerts to correct their posture.

What we learned

We learned high advanced mathematical equations, what determines bad vs good posture, how machine learning works under the hood, and read/writing to firebase.

What's next for PostureML

Get acquired by [FAANG].

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