There are a growing number of smart posture sensors being developed to address back and neck pain. These wearable products showcase improved posture during phone use as a key success metric.

The downside to this, though, is the high cost of buying the hardware product and getting used to wearing it for use in daily life. (Will you pay $50 to wear something on your neck/back and remember to put it back on everyday after a shower?)

This got us thinking... What if we could improve posture without an expensive wearable? Why not use the phone itself for both posture recognition and user intervention?

Our Solution

Simple Posture detection

We found that neck angle can be approximated by phone orientation! Most users keep their phone parallel to their face.

Effortless intervention

By adjusting screen brightness based on posture, we're able to create a natural feedback loop to improve posture! Users will subconsciously adjust the orientation of their phone to better view content, thus improving their posture.


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