One of the byproducts of COVID 19 has been an increase in the amount of time we spend sedentary in front of a computer screen whether it be due to school, work, or the lack of activities to due outside the house. One of the biggest problems that arises from our increasingly sedentary lifestyle is the development of poor posture, which can lead to incontinence, constipation, and heartburn. This is why we decided to create our device, posture assist.

What it does

Posture assist is a wearable device that users can wear if they desire to correct their posture. This device will inform the user whenever their posture is poor so that they can correct it.

How we built it

We used Autodesk Inventor to CAD and then 3D print a casing to house our electronics. We used an Arduino Nano for our microcontroller and an MPU 6050 to get data about a users current posture.

Challenges we ran into

Our initial print was too small and had to be resized. Additionally, the MPU6050 outputs raised several errors in our code which had to be fixed.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Successfully created a working prototype within the given timeframe. The container also uses a snapfit lid which we custom designed.

What we learned

How to create a snapfit lid and experience in 3D printing real life prototypes.

What's next for Posture Assist

Perhaps using a bluetooth module to relay information from the device to a computer or cloud database to store data for analysis by the user or a health professional. Additionally, machine learning or more MPU6050 sensors can be used to improve our posture detection.

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