We spend roughly 1.5-2 hours staring at our phone screens everyday. Its not uncommon to hear someone complain about neck pain or to notice a progressive slouching and hunchback developing among adults and teenagers today. The common way of holding our phones leads to an unattractive "the cellphone slump", and its no wonder seeing as there's as much as 60lbs of pressure on a persons neck when they're staring down at their phone.

As a big believer and correct anatomical positioning, posture and the effects it can have on one's confidence and personality, I wanted to develop an app to help me remember to keep my phone at eye level and steer clear of the cellphone slump!

Pressure on Neck

What it does

The Posture app is pretty simple. Just like the blue light filters like f.lux and Twightlight we have on our phones, Posture runs in the background and gives you a small indicator if you've been holding your phone in a risky position for too long.

How I built it

With love, Android and caffeine!

Challenges I ran into

Understanding the Sensor API was definitely a challenge, but my biggest difficulty was learning how to run Services, background threads and processes without multiple Activities to rely on.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

It's a fairly simple app, but I'm hopeful (and proud?) that it will help people who want to correct or improve their posture!

What I learned

I still have a lot to learn :)

What's next for Posture

Soon to be released in Beta on the Playstore :)

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