The inspiration for this app came from our teammates. Two out of four of our teammates are lined up to be getting surgery for different reasons. Their main worry is post-op care. "As a national athlete, I am worried about forgetting or not keeping up with my physical therapy routine. Doing PT for 4 years on and off has definitely shown me how hard it is to stay consistent. Having a solution to make it easier for me to stay on top of my PostOp care is what I thrive to make before my procedure" - Ian

What it does

Our app lets users start PT routines and share/create them. In addition to that, it provides resources and technology implementations like AI form checking to help with the technical aspect of routines.

How we built it

Our IOS application was developed using SwiftUI and our backend was developed with Nodejs and Firebase. Our AI/Computer vision was built with MediaPipe, we can compare the positions of a subject’s joints and limbs to determine if an exercise is being done correctly and give provide feedback. This is important because bad form during physical therapy can prolong or prevent recovery.

Challenges we ran into

A challenge we faced was figuring out to setup firebase as their documentation is quite lacking and figuring out how to implement a full body region-of-interest (ROI).

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We are proud of the accomplishments we've reached with our computer vision model and our UX/UI designs

What we learned

We learned a lot about computer vision MediaPipe Pose to detect & locate the person/pose region-of-interest (ROI).

What's next for PostOp

Our next step is building out a most structured and foundational application that can be shipped to production. We plan to work on this application in the future to help with our own personal PT routines :)

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