How does it work?

Coca Cola distributes a cheap tablet to business owners worldwide. This tablet comes preinstalled with a POS app that uses the camera on the tab as a barcode scanner and helps track the inventory for the entire store/restaurant. Not just Coke products. On a daily basis, this data is sent to Coke. Also, other companies can request this data for a small fee.

What does it measure?

The day's sales. Not just Coke sales, but every transaction in a grocery store in Manila or a restaurant in Cairo. By replacing the pen and paper with the app and tablet, you simplify the lives of small business owners worldwide.

Does the retailer/bottler/distributor have to do anything different to make your solution work? (if yes, please explain)

Yes. The distributor needs an app that updates POSitive Change's databases with the number of bottles delivered. The store owner does not need to update their inventory, it is updated on the distributor’s end every time new stock is delivered.

What materials does your solution require?

A tablet. A weight sensor if the store sells by weight. An app and the cooperation of the distributor

Best guess on cost to implement


Challenges you/your team ran into

Finding incentives to make Business Owners use the app.

What you/your team learned

Hardware solutions cannot achieve high accuracy just because of the number of variables involved. A POS system is simple, expandable and helps millions.

Next steps

Developing a cheap tablet specifically targeted for POS scenarios.

Anything else you want to add

Just to reiterate: Instead of spending $20 on retrofitting a fridge, the idea is to distribute a $38 Android tablet to business owners (BO). This comes pre-loaded with a POS app that simply uses the smartphone camera as a barcode scanner.

This app can then be used to track the inventory of the entire store/restaurant. Say a business owner gets a delivery from Frito-Lay. Frito-Lay automatically updates the store's inventory based on what Frito-Lay sold them. Then, every time the cashier scans a barcode at the POS, the store's inventory is updated. This way, the BO no longer needs to book-keep by hand or spend time updating their inventory manually. The BO also gets to track profits, popular hours, gauge petty theft and speed up checkout. Not to mention the additional profits from having their shelves better stocked.

By empowering small BOs in developing countries and helping them with their sales, Coke can gain positive publicity around the world. Plus, Frito-Lay won't necessarily get this service for free. Revenue from selling sales statistics to different companies could be used to fund the database servers and app development.

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