Have you ever been impatiently waiting for that important shipment and found yourself checking the track and trace page more often than good is? Wouldn't it be nice if you could just ask Alexa to do that? Well, now you can, at least for PostNord shipments.

PostNord the largest parcel carrier in Scandinavia, and this is my attempt to help them be present on the Alexa platform. Thus this is not an official PostNord Alexa skill, but it does use the official PostNord API.

What it does

The skill queries the official PostNord track and trace API with the shipment Id provided by the user. It then provides an audio feedback of the package status as well as writing all the tracking details on the screen using Alexa Presentation Language.

How I built it

I built the skill using .net core and the and Alexa.NET.APL packages.

Challenges I ran into

The APL language when implemented in a strongly-typed language is a bit messy to work with so it took some time getting the visuals good looking.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

Finish in time, even if the skill is simple, writing it at the last minute is never a good idea.

What I learned

That I need an APL capable device so I can build some more visual interesting skills, I'm probably want to look into a FireTV.

What's next for PostNord My Shipment

I originally planned to build this Skill to try out the Proactive Notification support, but since that wouldn't have allowed me to partake in this contents I decided to implement APL first. Then I will add the notification support after the competition is over.

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