My inspiration to build this project was that in colleges and universities students have to submit official documents to professors and this becomes a bit hectic and for professors/co-ordinators to keep maintaining the records. So this project is a portal built on blockchain where students can upload their official documents with their MetaMask wallet ID and provide permission to professors to view it. Since every wallet ID is unique so permission provided to professor will be by the authentic user and this is how authenticity of user is maintained and documents uploaded to IPFS will have a unique ID to it so document will also be authentic.

What it does

The project helps user to store their official documents on blockchain and provide permission to only those people whom the user wants to show it. The user can login to the website using his/her MetaMask wallet ID and then upload the document to IPFS storage and if they want a particular user to view it then they can allow that permission. Then share their public wallet ID to that person and that person can paste that ID and click on View option to view their documents. These documents can only be accessed by the people to whom the user has provided the access to.

How we built it

I built this project on top of a blockchain. I used Solidity language to write the Smart Contract and then used ReactJs to design the front-end of the project with HTML 5 and CSS3. I used Web3.js to integrate the front-end with the functions which I wrote in the smart contract. I also used a API integration gateway Pinata to store the documents on IPFS File system.

Challenges we ran into

The main challenge came in the Web3.js part where I had to integrate the contract with the front end and also figuring out the Pinata services in order to fit that with my project.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

I proud of being able to build a project which came as a thought first then changed into an idea and finally being executed with a plan. Being able to build this project on my own was a huge success for me itself. Furthermore, I am proud of writing functions that help me integrate the smart contract part.

What we learned

I learned that I can automate the stuff on blockchain and make it easy for people to complete the process online rather presenting their documents all the time offline.

What's next for Postman

Next for this project is to integrate it with College official portals and any other portals where document verification is needed to manage and help users upload the documents and make their hassle free.

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