Commercial and promotional websites are mainly based on wordpress. Wordpress as a CMS has numerous tools that allow the creation of a website.

But in everyday life little is known about the Wordpress API:

  • What information the web provides.
  • How could it be a web vulnerability?
  • What relevant information of the requests we can obtain for SEO.


The information provided by users is sensitive for the security of the site, since with the user name and a program that generates access codes, as well as the use of simple codes, they can compromise the security of the websites.

Provide attackers with a route to our website to corrupt it, obtain confidential information, or use the website to their advantage. It is essential to verify this information quickly and efficiently


When making a website or consulting websites, if they work correctly, we have to resort to different tools that allow us to know the following information for each page, publication, category, label or product.

  • If our website does not return a 404 error
  • If they allow search engines to index them
  • If they have images in their content that contain alt attributes that favor the indexing and positioning of the website.
  • If it has meta attributes.

These problems are the day of a small agency or person who works independently. The project provides a free tool that can continue to be developed and that with just one click, the information necessary to solve these problems is obtained.

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