Imagine a scenario where there is an insurance company in New York that has its headquarters in New York and has customers in San Jose.

Currently what the norm is that the company would print their documents, pack it, ship to USPS local office in New York and then USPS would fly it to San Francisco or San Jose, sort it at the local post office and then deliver it. Even with express delivery it would take at least 3 days to process.

Now, in our system, we aim to reduce costs and input logistics. In this, USPS would provide a secure API for customers all over to access with a unique key and then upload documents to a central USPS repository. Now, the files are only in the digital format with USPS, it would route to the local post office (in the zip code of the receiver). The local office just batch prints the file and then delivers the parcel.

In the process the transit time from one coast to other is eliminated and can potentially reduce the delivery times by 200%.

One other aspect of the project is the involvement of Blockchain. Since there can be private and confidential files in movement, and USPS needs to ensure the integrity of files on its private network, we can use Blockchain for keeping a track on how and when the file has been accessed.

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