To date, the big four genealogy companies have focused on records. Records are great as they help to build a framework of facts about a person. But after you've collected the facts, you're still left with little story.

What it does

PostcardTree is a way to find the stories, lost to time and space, about your ancestor's lives. It will allow you to search for any of your ancestors across millions of postcards on the PostcardTree platform.

How I built it

PostcardTree is currently in development with a beta launching 2017. It is built on a LAMP stack, hosting provided through Google Cloud and Amazon Web Services.

Challenges I ran into

The biggest challenge is the quality meta data required to make the whole platform work. We've got some great solutions to resolve this.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

Getting to where we are with no investors!

What I learned

It's better to fail fast than carry on down the wrong road. We had to reboot the development this year but since then we've made more progress that I had ever imagined.

What's next for PostcardTree

Raise funding to help launch the product fully. Become a RootsTech winner!

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