One of the biggest problems with remembering things is linking an idea to a place. Post-It notes attempt to solve that problem by being brightly colored papers that easily stand out. The problem with such notes is that they easily fall (or get taken). The solution is simple - have virtual notes, that are represented by AR.

What it does

postAR takes the inspiration to a whole other level. Instead of leaving notes for just yourself, it allows you to leave notes for public viewers, or a select group of friends. It is truly an innovative social media! It also completely rethinks the concept of a sticky note - no longer are you limited by the capabilities of pencil and paper, as you can include very complex images, or even videos, on your notes.

How we built it

We started by using EasyAR, a library that allows you to create links between images in the surroundings and "AR Objects" (the sticky notes). Both the images and the corresponding objects are stored using a Firebase Dynamic Storage Solution. The AR Objects are generated by Unity to allow for complex 3D structures with many elements.

Challenges we ran into

Incorporating Unity with an Android app always causes many unforeseeable problems as one has to deal with different capabilities of different SDKs. Adding an additional library, and a Firebase Instance, creates a complicated web of dependencies that can be extremely challenging to navigate through.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We've managed to cover the whole world in Virtual Sticky Notes!

What's next for postAR

postAR has huge potential as a social media platform! It can allow people to leave notes about their thoughts on almost anything around them, and share it with friends and strangers who visit in the future. Additionally, there are endless possibilities for customization of the sticky notes and their indicators!

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