eliminate waiting in a Lobby to be apart of your dinning experience

What it does

Amazon alexa skill for the echo show that uses the azure blockchain service with quroum to revolutionize the dining experience

How I built it

-I created a consortuim which azure blockchain service, which allow for franchises to easily aggregate data

-Instead of aws lambda I use Microsoft workbench and logic app as proxy server/middle ware layer to send payloads and contracts to the qourom blockhain, using quroum fast payments can be made. Meaning more diners and more happy customers

-Scalability, will be handled Ethereum lightning network for batch transaction processing

Challenges I ran into

Sprint planning and some Azure logic app issues here and there

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

Presenting at Consensys

What I learned

Learning more about smart contract development

What's next for POST

Getting people to use it

Built With

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