PostStream is an undesigned social network. It is a text-based response to the majority of modern social media platforms. This is certainly not for everyone as you will be interacting with others exclusively through text posts. You will notice several features intentionally left out in order to promote meaningful engagement. We hope you enjoy something a little different.

Text-Based Social Network

Tentative example post:

[real name] [username] [time stamp]

Bill Atkinson billatkinson 2016.07.24 10:27:29
I invented the double-click.

Important concepts

  • No public metrics
    • No visible follower/following numbers
    • No visible like/dislike numbers
  • No global public feed
    • No "moments" or news-related feeds
    • No trending topics to browse
  • Character limit
    • Brevity
    • Accessibilty
    • Stream shows 256 characters with "read more" expandable to 2048 character limit
  • No video/images/gifs
    • Unicode support
  • Contextual responses
    • agree
    • agree for $reason
    • disagree
    • disagree for $reason
    • tell me more about $thought / $opinion
    • thank you for sharing
    • brilliant
  • No ads or sponsored posts



  • Ray Farias
  • Jacoby Young
  • Joe Karlsson
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