Current US voting system has an insecure system with data vulnerabilities which allow it to be manipulated and skew voting results.

What it does

This project is a blockchain based voting replacement system for the US. It will allow users to vote online safely without having to worry about data integrity or security.

How we built it

We built a VUE.js front end with a MongoDB and GCP backend. We also used blockstack for blockchain integration. We used Express.js to talk to the MongoDB server.

Challenges we ran into

This entire project was a challenge. We had never used VUE.js, GCP, or MongoDB before. So learning another couple of languages while coding was a challenge.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We are mostly proud of ourselves. Going through this 24 hour hackathon was grueling while trying to learn a completely new coding language. In the end, we got it done and were ready to present it!

What we learned

Ultimately we each learned a little bit more about the new languages we used. The backend, MongoDB and Atlas and GCP. The front end learned a lot more about VUE.js

What's next for Post-it Vote

After this hackathon we plan to keep this hack in development and later, put it into production in the US.

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