We were inspired to do this really helpful project because we know that people in community need to get their message out. In these horrible times, communication is really hard. Our web app helps people to get their message out to their communities

What it does

Our app lets users create posts that have a location, description, etc.

How we built it

We used the light-weight Flask framework from Python. This helped us easily code the backend features such as the login, editprofile, createposts, and comments. In addition, we used sqlite3 as the database to store all the information and the SQLAlchemy module from Flask helped with this as well. There was some Javascript involved in the switching between the "view your posts", and "view your profile" pages as well. Obviously, we used html5, css3, and the library bootstrap to help create the webpage and style it.

Challenges we ran into

There were some major challenges when building this app. First of all, we had to unfortunately kick one of our teammates as he was really busy and could not work on the project. Second, we made a mistake by using the Flask-WTForms library to get the input from the user. This made it really hard to style the login and sign-up pages. Lastly, there were some issues with the searchposts feature. Eventually, with hard work, we got the whole thing done.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We are really proud of all the features that we created such as createcomment, createpost, editprofile, login/signup, searchposts, and much more.

What we learned

We learned NEVER to use WTForms ever again :). We also learned how to operate Flask smootly and query databases properly.

What's next for Post It!

We plan to add the following features: liking comments/posts, adding friends, viewing other peoples' profiles, contacting other users through our website. We also plan to make our program a little more efficient.

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