✨ Welcome to our Hack the North project! ✨

We're a team of 4 students 🤓 from the University of Waterloo. We came up with PosiTweets during a heated discussion about how exhausted we are of seeing negative news. We created this app for people like us who want to take some time before bed to enjoy some positive Twitter content! We hope to expand our app for Instagram, Facebook, and other social media apps by user request!

🚨combatting misinformation 🚨

While working on our project, we realized something: statistically, people are more likely to spread negative fake news as opposed to positive. By increasing exposure to positive content on Twitter, we're combatting one of the largest issues in the world today, fake news.

our stack 💻

React.js, Flask, Twitter API, Google Sentiment Analysis API

how we built it!

We used Google’s sentiment analysis algorithm to filter all the tweets that we got from Twitter’s API. We then displayed the tweets on a “dashboard-like” website so that users feel like they’re enjoying the Twitter experience. We used React to dynamically update the Tweets every time the user clicks refresh feed. This product is viable because mental health is becoming an increasing issue, as is misinformation. Our product combats both of them at once. If scaled properly, Posifeed could become everyone’s source of social media!

how to use PosiTweets

login, refresh, and poof! all of your followers' tweets will be filtered using a sentiment analysis algorithm to show you only the positive ones :grin:

next steps

  1. Google’s sentiment analysis algorithm isn’t perfect, some bad tweets still squeak through
  2. Filter by language, tweet-length
  3. Picture content
  4. A more customized experience (e.g. have your feed curated out of only tweets from people you follow rather than global news)
  5. Stylistic animations throughout the website to add to the positive experience!
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