We created Positweet to build and create a more friendly environment online. Negativity impacts the way in which people live their everyday lives. It changes the actions they take and alters their mood to the worst. Our team did not like seeing people like this because we know they are not at their full potential. That is why we created Positweet, a client that manages you comments on Twitter. Positweet can be used two-fold: Users can get notifications about positive replies on their twitter feed. These notifications will go out every hour and will motivate and inspire the user. Positweet can also be used to see if there are negative tweets on you Twitter feed. If there is a negative tweet, it will inform the user through text message, but will not send the contents of the comment.

What it does

Positweet is a content moderation software for your Twitter feed. First, you enter your phone number and Twitter username. From then on, when someone comments on your latest Tweet, our Python script gets the comments using Twitter's public API and analyzes the sentiment using Google Cloud's natural language processing API. Depending on the preference you select in setting up the software, we will send you a text notification if it is a positive or negative comment. Now you can be fully informed of the sentiments of comments on your Twitter feed!

How we built it

We developed our hack by strategically dividing the work amongst the team members. Using HTML and CSS, Shardul created templates that would later be dynamically accessed. The website created using these templates has a form to register with the service and information about how it works. Additionally, Conor and Vishnu wrote several Python scripts to collect and analyze comments using Twitter and Google Cloud Platform API’s, then send a text accordingly using Twilio. Bringing the two aspects of the project together, Justin used the Flask framework, writing functions that utilized the rest of the group’s work. Ultimately, it was this division of work that enabled us to efficiently and effectively develop our hack.

Most Creative Domain Name Submission (this currently directs you to our Github repository)

Challenges we ran into

Twitter's API doesn't allow you to get replies to a particular tweet. But you can use Twitter's Search API to search for tweets that are directed at a particular user, and then search through the results to see if any are replies to a given tweet. Another challenge was taking in all the information from the API’s and making them work together.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We are proud of Positweet for the potential it has to create a safer space online. With an always-increasing presence of social media in our lives, it is important address the concerns of safety in that area. However, practical accomplishments aside, we also appreciate the opportunity to attend and participate in HackDartmouthV and add to our hackathon experience which will only be beneficial as we progress from high school to college and our careers beyond, when we will be able to utilize what we have learned to build effective applications/solutions to real-world problems.

What we learned

We learned how to use Python to access API’s. We also gained experience in participating in hackathons, which we consider incredibly as high school juniors and seniors preparing to enter college in the next couple of years.

What's next for Positweet

The future for Positweet has great potential. Our first objective is to host it officially and apply the domain name, but would then move on to additional features. However, most importantly, the Positweet premise is also applicable to different social media sites, such as Facebook and Youtube, and we hope to make the Internet even safer by implementing the service for these spaces as well.

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