Wanted to bring a bit of positivity to everyone's lives in this age of modern media.

What it does

The app features 3 contents including a quote of the day, a Calvin&Hobbes comic strip, and a cute animal picture in their respective pages.

How I built it

Built using react-native and javascript.

Challenges I ran into

This project was a challenge because our team had no experience with react-native, so it took a long time to learn and set up the environment.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

I'm proud that we were able to come up with a functioning app considering we've never coded in react-native.

What I learned

I learned that investing in time and working on a project with friends can greatly improve your coding skills. Also learned that hackathons can be very enjoyable.

What's next for Positivity

We can implement more pages of different types of content, such as sound bytes or short videos.

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