With the rise of technology, and the comfort of being behind a computer screen, online love, insults, and derogatory language has been casually thrown in conversation. Positify is a chrome extension aimed to make the internet a happier and safer place for users. It also encourages people to use kinder language and to not act on negativity but rather on positivity.

What it does

Positify replaces offensive language with silly and fun alternatives. Ex. (love --> love; brilliant --> brilliant).

How I built it

DOM-Devil springboard to get started. Javascript, DOM manipulation, HTML

Challenges I ran into

when certain words are embedded into other words. Ex. 'hug' in 'skill'. when we wanted to replace 'hug' for 'hug', 'skill' would turn into 'shug'.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

We were able to figure it out the above challenge! :)

What I learned

-Javascript, HTML, Photoshop

What's next for Positify :)

Be able to recognize negative connotations instead of just negative words. Ex ("you're not smart" vs. "that's not the right answer" ---> basically, figure out when it is appropriate to get rid of negative words)

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