What it does

Positivitweets enables different sponsors to encourage healthier and more positive conversations to happen on one of the biggest social media platforms while connecting with the community. The Positivitweets bot is ran on Azure's serverless platform and has a timed CRON schedule that sends out a new tweet every morning sparking the conversation. Users will have all day to reply with their best answer and have others interact with the replied by re-tweeting or liking their reply. The more interactions on the reply, the more "Points" that user gets. At the end of the day, the bot will look through all the replies, filter out any potentially dangerous/harmful/spammy comments using the Azure content moderation API, and then pick the user that had the most interactions on their reply. The bot will then automatically DM the user with a prize provided by a sponsor such as a coupon or a free item redeemable at their store.

On the other side, there is a CMS provided for the manager of the bot to login and manage the tweets that the bot uses. They can also look at live insights for the tweet of the day. In the future, we'd like to have another CMS for sponsors to manage and upload their rewards for the bot to pick from.

Extra technical info:

Although the demo was shown in localhost for speed and stability purposes, the app is fully deployed and functional on the Azure platform. You can find it here. We deployed 4 serverless functions, one app service (for the CMS), Azure's cognitive services (Content Moderation), a MongoDB cluster hosted on Atlas, and utilized the Twitter API.

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