I was inspired to create PositiviTEA based on my own experiences with mental health and wishing there was an accessible way to find resources or support. PositiviTEA was also inspired by the world we live in today, with Covid-19 furthering the need for virtual resources, especially for mental health.

What it does

PositiviTEA showcases features like a "Positivity Generator" where users can receive positive support, a "Self Care" page where users can take a quiz that provides them with personalized suggestions on how they should practice self care, and a "Mental Health Resources" page with hotlines, articles, and organizations that can provide users with more support for their mental health.

How I built it

I used HTML, CSS and JavaScript in combination with other platforms and services like, Github, and Canva.

Challenges I ran into

I struggled to find a way to make sure I was providing an accurate and immersive experience for users, without brushing over mental health in my efforts to promote positivity.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

I am most proud of incorporating a variety of JavaScript elements, using an unfamiliar color scheme, and finishing my project within the time constraints.

What I learned

I learned a lot more about mental health and coding in general, but I've also reflected a lot on how to improve PositiviTEA and provide the best experience for users.

What's next for PositiviTEA

I hope to incorporate a chatbot that can provide users with more personalized support, I hope to incorporate a page with mental health related media and graphics, I hope to consult more mental health professionals and organizations on their specific suggestions on how to make PositiviTEA more effective, and I also hope to consult those around me on their experiences with mental health and what support they need from a platform like PositiviTEA.

I am submitting under the Health and Technology category, I didn't see anywhere to choose that option though.

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