In the tragic event of the coronavirus outbreak, all the media have ever mentioned is how dangerous and how infectious the virus is. While that is true, it makes us turn our back completely on the patients and treat them like social outcasts. Recently, there has been a rise in attacks and harassment towards infected people. We only care about keeping distance, sometimes even making racist remarks, while forgetting that the infected people are human too, and it is something they never asked for. In light of this, we created, a story blog where patients can ANONMYNOUSLY share their stories and feelings on the matter. We hope to promote a sense of community and help patients to feel safe to raise their voices and feel supportive during their journey in fighting against the virus.

What it does

A patient can ANONYMOUSLY share the story and their perspective to help people to be aware of what is going on in the quarantine zone. Any user can view, respond to the post and give donations to patients. Azure Text Analytics is used to guarantee only positive content will get through the platform and to the patients.

How I built it

We used Python and Flask to create our web app. Inputs from users are screened with Text Analytics from Azure to block out negative and racist comments. You can submit entries as an open support letter, a story on your infection story, or as a reply to another post.

After submission, you'll get notified by text message with a hyperlink to your post so you can follow up in the future. Users can supply their Venmo or Bitcoin addresses so that they can get supports from other people.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

We got it to work and we're proud of ourselves for creating a positive environment in this fearful environment.

What's next for Positive Space

Better filter for submission that can recognize more languages

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