We were having trouble deciding what to make here at DubHacks. After staring blankly at our screens for so long, our necks started becoming sore not long after the Hackathon officially started. This is when the complaining began.

What it does

We noticed that the source of this soreness was likely due to our posture, and how we were all slouching and had necks sticking out. Our computer application uses Microsoft's Emotion Recognition API to detect how close the face is to the webcam. If the user's face starts coming closer to their screen, the app gives a notification telling them to fix their posture.

How we built it

Microsoft's Emotion Recognition tells gives us the approximate height and width of a person's face in pixels. We had to implement Webcam API to take pictures of the user and analyze how close their face was to the screen. If the face gets bigger than a certain amount when compared to the calibrated distance, the app would warn them. We also implemented emotion sensor to see if the user was sad or angry. In the event that the app recognized this emotion to a significant degree, we would display a joke for them to cheer them up.

Challenges we ran into

Our team had some trouble at the beginning with coming up with ideas. Once we got past that, the code was pretty straightforward, but we had some troubles with github and looking for the proper APIs to use.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We accomplished what we set out to do on time. This is the first Hackathon for all 5 of us and we are proud of being able to have made an app that can actually be beneficial to people.

What we learned

Hackathons are hard work. We learned a lot from the APIs of the Sponsors and ideas of peers.

What's next for Positive Posture

Hopefully people will see the value in the application and download it for their own health. We might even flesh out the app more to make it more aesthetically pleasing and include more features.

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