HackHarrasment #BeKind

A bot like this could notice someone having signs of negative thoughts and feelings very easily, and give them a little pick me up to put a little smile on their face.

What it does

Looks out for any negative messages being sent in your team Slack channel, and if it detects any, it replied back with a posibotive message.

How I built it

It was super easy, I was working on a machine vision project to help blind people walk with a mobile app most of the time but it was a failure, maybe I'll try that again soon after doing more research. But for now, I just used API.AI and Slack bot configuration to whip this together.

Challenges I ran into

How can I get the bot into the public channel and not private DM because nobody will be confessing their thoughts to a bot.... unless... ;)

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

Built this in 10 minutes.

What I learned

How to use API.AI to built a conversational AI chat bot and integrate it with Slack!

What's next for Posibotive

More integrations across platform and improved AI and content!

Just join my slack channel to see it live in action!

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