Aye Aye Captains! Despite existing technologies like weather buoys and sensors on ships, many incidents have occurred due to out-of-date information, one of the latest one being the El Faro incident due to redundant weather information.

What it does

Poseidon is a platform for vessel operators that aggregates existing AIS data and provides up-to-date, personalized information along maritime routes. It will utilize existing data on trade routes to map out overall sea trends, and supplement that with real-time crowd-sourced updates on incidents such as oil spills, emergencies and distress calls. On top of that, the data that each vessel operator will see will be personalized based on their vessel features (eg. engine).

How we built it

We spun up a basic Express backend application that listens to the DialogFlow-based chatbot. Also, we used jupyter notebooks to clean up some data and extract interesting insights that we can find from the data we were provided with. Albeit not able to build models with the data provided, we managed to gain some intuition behind the possibility of using it in the future.

Challenges we ran into

The largest challenge we faced was the lack of data to train the prediction model for our specific use-case. The datasets we required were well-explained in the PDF dataset outline provided, but we were not able to find any CSVs with those data.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We are extremely pleased that we all took away some form of knowledge about the Maritime industry and happy that we managed to derive some insights from the datasets provided. It was a challenging task to understand such a huge industry in a short span of 2 days and find a problem which we feel we have a shot at solving.

What we learned

We learnt the importance of not just diving straight into hacking, but rather understanding the industry first, the problems, the needs which the industrial experts know clearly about. There was no value in creating a product if we did not know what problems we were aiming to solve.

What's next for Poseidon

The next step would be to work on finalizing the features that Maritime industry experts feel would be critical to the success of the product and building an MVP.

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