We hate smartphone portrait mode.

Not because it isn't pretty, but because it tries to fake a real optical effect (depth of field) with mAcHIne LeArnIng, which is never a good sign...

To take real "portrait mode" photos, what we really need is a DSLR camera with a long zoom lens. We take that, stand 15-20 ft away, and now you've got a sharp, flattened portrait with that iconic background blur.

But this is super inconvenient! We can't do stand far away in tight or narrow spaces, or say, in a photo booth.

Which is where our project comes in...

What it does

Portrait Mode IRL uses a set of mirrors to bend the camers's optical path in a compact space, such that you can take beautiful, zoomed-in portraits while standing only 3-5 ft away from the camera, not 15!

Shaped like a photobooth, you can easily place this in a tight studio or narrow hallway, and still use your high zoom lenses to get backgound blur and flatter, more aesthetic pictures.

Check out some examples below!

Build list

coming soon

Built With

  • 80/20
  • dslr
  • leds
  • mirrors
  • optics
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