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As we walked into the Darwin building on a cold winter's morning, we wondered what Porticode3 would mean for us. We looked hopelessly at the board listing all the challenges, wondering if we would even be able to submit anything worthy of winning a prize! That was all until a voice of reason from the (kind-of-dark) lit room spoke to us. "Make a website even your grandma could use!" We knew this was the challenge for us.

Granted, we may have taken it a little to literally; making a website that perhaps ONLY your grandma would want to use, but all the same, we set to work. Tirelessly consuming haribos and cookies, we have managed to produce a website that will allow your grandmother to find the perfect cup of tea for her! She'll be able to not only find the perfect cup of tea to suit her mood/flavour preference, but also find the perfect tea-related recipes!

We think this website is a win-win to be honest, hopefully for us too!

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