My inspiration to create my portfolio to see my own React Js skills and improve them as much as I can.

What it does

It is a portfolio site, so it shows my skillsets and let other's make a contact with me

How I built it

I build it with React JS, using Create React App. I used Material UI to get a clean look at it. I hosted the site on Google App Engine (which is a part of Google Cloud Platform). At last, I used Github Action to automate the CI-CD pipeline.

Challenges we ran into

This is the first project, I used Material UI. So It's like an adventure to know the capabilities of Material UI. It is also the first time, I used React hooks. So it gave me a hands-on experience. Al last for this project, I learned everything about GitHub Actions.

What we learned

I learn to React Hooks, Github Actions, Deploy to Google App Engine, and many other things

What's next for Portfolio using React

So for the portfolio, I am planning to shift from React to Gatsby and remove the material UI with Tailwind CSS. The gatsby version is also under progress and visible on

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