A medium of showcasing yourself. Providing a collection of all the necessary information for a professional outlook. A method for presenting yourself in a universal medium.

What it does

Present oneself and their professional/academic affiliations and milestones.

How we built it

Using Jekyll and Ruby

Challenges I ran into

  • Working with a huge team
  • Working on the same issues creating minor chaos
  • Issues that weren't handled

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

  • Outcome
  • Collaborating while learning Git & GitHub
  • Clearing doubts, helping and guiding everyone

My Contributions

  • Closed #1 #44
  • Opened #12
  • Opened and closed #14 #20
  • Fixed #19 #73 #79
  • Setup GitHub webhooks for the discord channel
  • Helped others through the codebase
  • Helped others with the code
  • Guided others on how to implement a specific feature/fix

What I learned

  • Rebasing across forks
  • cherry-pick(ing) commits
  • Jekyll basics

What's next for Portfolio Template

  • Features on various dynamic routes
  • UI fixes and improvements regarding responsiveness and modal
  • General UX fixes
  • Easter eggs

Built With

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posted an update

I am downloading the resume and it isn't being shown in the video because I am sharing a tab and not the browser or the screen.

The features is working fine IF you have the resume in the specified directory. The deployment does not have one right now so an 'empty file' downloads.

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