Have an easy way to view your Jobmine competitors

What it does

Displays desired person's Github profile with information such as the users repositories

How we built it

Used HTML5, CSS3, Bootstrap, and JavaScript on the front end

Challenges we ran into

Without OAuth authentication (which was hard to obtain/provided limited access for sites such as LinkedIn and Facebook), we couldn't achieve what we wanted. Facebook and LinkedIn API's didn't have the functionality we were looking for Took us a while to set up a desirable user interface Created a Python script which we wanted to run in response of a click of an HTML button. We later found out that we needed a CGI server to run this script.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Make the webpage look pretty damn nice (its responsive too). Created an app that we think is someone useful for people in Jobmine, although it is not completely finished.

What we learned

Learned more about API's --> The process to utilize them, and how they work Learned how to dynamically add HTML elements using the append() method in jQuery Gained a lot of experience in client side scripting

What's next for Portfolio Publisher

Learn server side scripting to interact between Python/jQuery Integrate LinkedIn and Facebook API's for a more complete user Portfolio Add more features such as exporting the portfolio to PDF Design effective algorithm to filter user searches and get correct profile 100% of the time.

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