Due to recent events it is abundantly clear that a long term diverse investing strategy is essential for preserving and growing wealth.

What it does

Portfolio Planner is a simple Android app that can help investors of all skill levels develop and maintain a diverse investing strategy. An investor can use the app to plan large or small future investments or even rebalance their existing portfolio. All an investor has to do is entered the amount into the investment field and then they simply choose to input the desired percentage of each asset class into the app and then click calculate. The app will provided you the amount of money in each category that you can invest and still maintain your desired asset allocation strategy. Best of all no account or banking information is needed to use the portfolio planner if you want to invest you still have to use the financial institutions you use to purchase your assets.

How I built it

The app was build with Kotlin in Android Studio. I started by first building the user interface and then continued to build the underlying code of the application to connect the program together. After I had a working application I used MPAndriodChart to generate a nice animated pie chart. Most of the time was spent perfecting the UI before I switched to linear layout and also getting the pie chart integrated into the interface. The Code of the app it self was done pretty easily and quickly. I also designed the App logo on my Ipad in Affinity Designer.

Challenges I ran into

  1. Normally I use constraint layout to put UI together but given the complexity and various components that need to be arranged the way they did but because their was a time constraint I switch to linear layout.
  2. I had a little trouble working with MPAndriodChart since most of the examples were written in Java as was the original code snice its been awhile snice I used java.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

  1. I'm proud I finish with a functioning App.
  2. Also I'm proud I finally figured out how to use MPAndriodChart because there is a lot you can do with it.

What I learned

  1. I gained a lot of experience in how to set up UI for Android
  2. I learned how to use MPAndroidChart which is good because their is I lot I can do with the capabilities it provides especially with data analytics and chart generating in android.

What's next for Portfolio Planner

  1. Turn the linear layout into a constraint layout or a scrolling layout.
  2. Clean up the code
  3. Make asset allocation more dynamic.
  4. Do a better job of indicating how to get 100% asset allocation.
  5. May be add info field to explain what each asset category is for beginner investors.

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