I've been working part time for Magnetar and a common problem is a lack of user interfaces. Having unintuitive programs makes it hard for people to use your application and often times it leads to the project being forgetten amongst past projects. A clean interface to manage portfolios will make a good candidate for a well maintained program.

Challenges overcome

I was late to sign up for a team so I ended up doing the project on my own. I enjoy having team members to divide up work and get the project done in parallel. What I've learned from working by myself is there are areas that slow me down and required a lot more of my time. I have worked full stack on projects but it is much more efficient to have a variety of talent. This way people can work their strengths and build the best program possible.

Next Steps

While testing the program I created fake data for the stocks and stored it in the file. I would of liked to set up an API in order to retrieve real stock data on the companies. With real data the site could also provide a page to analyze each stock indiviually. This page would include graphs over time, details on the market the stock is in, as well as ratings that moody or the S&P has given it. I would also set up the flask application on a cPanel website if given more time.


I was hoping to include a latex document over viewing my algorithm. Since I was short on time I was able to include this. When I first started the project I wrote out the math in my notebook. Being able to present this in a clean and documented way would allow others to interpret my approach and possible expand or give feedback.

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