Its a time to provide HubSpot Portfolio theme with great features and stunning style.

What it does

Portfolio theme have 30+ most advanced & essential modules. It has 30+ perfectly predesigned pages to complete the portfolio project easily with less time consuming.

All the modules are having advanced settings and designs. Here we can see few like Portfolio gallery, Blog, Header Banners, Menu and Footers. All these modules are having multiple number of uniquely styled variations.

Portfolio Layouts: 1 Masnory Portfolio 2 Grid Portfolio 3 Slider Portfolio 4 Tile Portfolio 5 Portfolio with Filter

Blog Layouts: 1 Masonry Blog List 2 Grid Blog List 3 Slider Blog List 4 Magazine Blog List 5 Fullwidth Blog List 6 Tile Blog List

All the pages including Home Pages, Inner Pages, Blog Pages & System Pages are developed with most required sections. We can update all the elements inside the pages from the editor without any coding knowledge.

Overall, we have developed outstanding & well designed HubSpot Theme ever for Portfolio category.

How we built it

First we gathered all the requirements for the portfolio theme. Since we already have experience in many portfolio projects for our clients, It was very simple to start the development. At first we designed some most required pages with module elements. Then we started modules development. In our development, we spend more care on Portfolio module since its a Queen of this theme. Its having multiple stylish and attractive variations. Once we done it, we developed all other modules. Then code and performance review has been completed on those modules.

After optimizing the modules, we started development of pages by integrating the modules. We did a code review and optimization for each page at once they completed.

We optimized all the assets and included while their modules are involved in the pages. Once all the development done, its sent to QA for testing and fixed all the performance and UI issues.

Now it becomes a Perfect Theme!

Challenges we ran into

  1. Keeping all the variations in a single module was challenged one. We did it! We made all the modules having multiple variations. In this, Portfolio, Blogs, Headers, Menu, Footers are having more variations. In the future, we can just add the new variation to the respective module.

  2. Providing all the theme settings without overloading.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We made all the modules having variations and its comes nice and effective. This will help us to add more variations and enhancement without minding the count of the modules.

What we learned

Each day we learnt lot and implemented our learning in this top notch theme. Hope this theme will give best user experience & performance to the customers.

What's next for Portfolio

More in mind. As of now, New pages & modules development.

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