A lot of new or intermediate motivated developers want to produce meaningful personal projects to add to their software repertoire, but either lack the manpower needed to realize their ideas or haven't yet discovered a project that peaks their interest. In comes our application! is a central hub for developers to gather and enhance their skills while building up a software portfolio. Users can browse through suggested projects based on their current skills, join teams of other like-minded individuals and create meaningful projects to add to their resumes.

What it does is a web application that prompts users to link to their GitHub accounts (or create a profile), from which the AI will browse through their repositories (or current skills tags on their account) to match the user to software projects currently offered from other users on the platform. Projects can be uploaded by any user with an account and can house teams of up to 4. Each project has a main page and chat room for teammates to communicate ideas and share code snippets. The main purpose of is to help match developers to projects that will apply their current skills, as well as building up a portfolio that will put our users in the fast-lane for career-searching.

How we built it was created using Reactjs, Nodejs and Express.

Challenges we ran into

Our main challenge was avoiding rabbit holes/chasing bugs that could cost us a lot of time. We had to juggle between setting up core functionality and fixing bugs.

Accomplishments that We're proud of

We are proud of the healthy amount of time we spent planning our application as it sped up the development process as well as our scoping exercises.

What we learned

Our team was unfamiliar with Reactjs so learning the syntax and logic behind the library was a great learning experience.

What's next for

Our next steps for the application would be: implementing the artificial intelligence that will match users to projects and populate a suggested list. creating the chat room for team members to collaborate effectively.

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